From Scratch Title


Hello world!
As the URL implies this site is built from scratch - by me.
Me is an end-twenty-something year old business graduate from Hamburg, Germany who has been working as a an agile project manager in e-commerce since autumn 2013.
You are looking at my personal skill-building project right now. My ambition is to build a personal website/blog all by myself. On the road I want to enhance my skills in every necessary direction - programming, conceptual design and graphic design.
Please feel welcome to follow my progress!
Keep in touch!

Yours, Christine



#8 from-scratch becomes responsive (portrait)

Dear reader,
it has been a busy time for me lately which is why I had hardly time nor motivation to further work on this project.
However my motivation to code came back a couple of days ago when I started to do some web design for a childhood friend of my prince charming.

For the very first time we could actually think and work "mobile first" which was a very interesting experience I must say. I sincerely hope to spread this way of "thinking the web" in my professional environment, too.

Therefore I have now tried to take my first baby steps towards a responsive "from-scratch-playground".

Have a lovely weekend!



#7 One question I will never ask again... fronted engineers.
"Can you start with anything without having a design?" - Sorry guys. That has just always been the project manager trying to parallelise tasks.
However - now that I have learnt plenty of things in terms of coding - I have a hard time figuring out how I want to use it.

So I'm still in WIP-mode...

Have a nice sunny sunday :-)


#6 Refactoring finished + GA + linked Logo

Hey guys :-)

I have finished my HTML5 / CSS classes and was ready to refactor this website a little. I'm pretty proud that I have managed to clean up my css stylesheet - and still everything looks the same!!
In addition I have implemented a picture in the header that links to the start page. Would be boring without anything new, right?
Also - you are now tracked by Google Analytics. You have no idea how proud I am to have set it up for the first time now. Finally I have a playground for trying filters and reports.

I'm on classes about layout and design at the moment. So I hope to get going with a nice color scheme and structure.

You'll be kept posted on the progress ;-)


#5 WIP

Hello follower,
I'm learning stuff about HTML5 and CSS3 / SASS at the moment. When I feel "ready" my next task will be to refactor everything ;-)
I'll keep you posted.



#4 Fonts, styling and new sections

Hi reader,
I'm really happy to present my temporary fonts. To me it is really amazing what an impact fonts actually have on a website. Since I did all the research and the decision on my own for the first time I can now look at those discussions on fonts from a different perspective. I believe that fitting fonts are taken for granted too often ;-)
Anyway - I can highly recommend browsing through Google Fonts in case you research some yourself. It is a very accessible platform that makes it really easy to use the fonts on the web. Thumbs up!
With this release I have opened two new sections to my website. You can find them in the header navigation: Product Backlog and Archive.
The product backlog displays my current ideas on the further development of this website whereas the archive is used to monitor my progress. Before every new release I will post a screenshot of the former status. So - even if you take your first look after this 3rd release you can get an impression of the way so far :-)



#3 Header and navigation

Hello again,
despite being sick with a nasty cold I have been busy working myself through the classes on "frontend foundations". I'm really proud to present my temporary new design. I must say - I like petrol :-)
I have also started watching a codeschool-class on design and therefore started researching color schemes and webfonts. Still I decided to follow continuous integration rather than having a full concept from the start. Also it's going to be more fun for you watching my amateur steps.
As soon as I manage to post pictures I will supply you with an archive on the different versions of this website so you can monitor the progress.


#2 From local to www

Ok - so here I am with a recommended HTML-Editor called Sublime and a couple of folders on my mac.
I am already pretty proud that I manage to watch my progress in my browser. However all of this is still local. I want to get it out to the www.
I have heard stuff about "hosting" before. Also I know that one needs to buy/reserve certain URLs or domains in order to use them. But first things first - I need to name my project.
"From scratch" it is. - Great! But where and how do I host this?
Exkurs: Initially I thought about blogging about this on wordpress. But I don't want to work with ready-build templates and features.
About 5 hours later - I'm LIVE! Wohooo!

See you tmrw!


#1 The idea

"I want to learn programming!" I told my bf recently. He, being a professional software engineer, showed me the Java-Hamster and by doing so he uncovered a spark that finally lead me here today.
In the middle of having fun letting this hamster run through labyrinths and pick up seeds a dear friend from scandinavia skyped me. She told me about her newest business idea which required a website. What a wonderful opportunity for me to finally learn this! At this point I turned my back on the cute Java-Hamster.
Being hooked by the idea I found myself planning my own project. The one you look at right now. I want to learn all the stuff #fromscratch that I usually just organise as a project manager.
I have plenty of ideas already - ranging from mere programming to tracking tools and visual elements I want to develop and style myself.
To get started I have registered at codeschool and started with frontend foundations. The result of the first HTML/CSS class is basically what you see here right now.

This is also the mode I envision for the development of this website. It is possible that it will look different every day because I plan on updating stuff every time I learn something new.

By the way - this post was written offline before I managed to bring my site online.